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Support Cariol’s Law and the Reinbold Accountability Act

Below is a message from Greta McClain of Silent No Longer Tennessee:

One of the most important ways to ensure police accountability is by making sure ALL law enforcement officers, departments and agencies are held accountable. I think we can agree that comprehensive, sustainable reform within law enforcement is very much needed. We may or may not agree the number of officers who abuse their authority, embrace white supremacy and violate the trust placed in them are in the minority. Regardless of whether they are the minority or majority, innovative and bold steps must be taken to address the problem.

Change can be difficult, and there are those who are definitely resistant to change. Although I like to believe many departments are or want to be transparent and accountable. But, there are many who don’t. Departments who value integrity and honesty, who embrace accountability and transparency, and are dedicated to upholding their oath and preserving the reputation of the profession don’t need incentives to do so. But we all know there are those who don’t believe in those ideals, and their departments reflect that fact. I believe there must be incentives to ensure all law enforcement agencies hold themselves accountable. This is why I have launched the Reinbold Accountability Act campaign, as well as a campaign to make Cariol’s Law national. You can find information and background on both at

My hope is that you agree with me and support both Cariol’s Law and the Reinbold Accountability Act. These initiatives, along with the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, I believe will have a substantial impact the way policing is done, and can SAVE LIVES. I am asking you to encourage your members to sign the petition and publicly support the initiative. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Greta McClain

Silent No Longer Tennessee

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